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Dr. Michael Law’s Use of Strattice™ for Breast Revision/ Augmentation Mastopexy Procedures

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For individuals considering breast revision surgery to correct and/or improve unsatisfactory results from a previous breast augmentation or primary augmentation mastopexy procedures, an innovative dermal grafting (acellular dermal matrix) method known as Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix can often be an excellent option. Strattice™ and its human-based counterpart, AlloDerm®, are a tissue substitute that may be used in breast augmentation, breast revision, and breast lift with implant. Designed as an “internal bra” of sorts, Dr. Law uses Strattice™ to support weak breast tissue, while also promoting the growth of your own tissue. Additional benefits of this revolutionary technique include its ability to help:

  • Strengthen the breast pocket, location and size
  • Reinforce the bottom or sides of the breast implant pocket to correct symmastia, bottoming out, or other malposition’s
  • Provide breast implants an added layer protection and support to correct visible rippling or wrinkling
  • Add thickness to breast tissue to “disguise” wrinkles or ripple lines in patients who have thin breast tissue
  • Improve the location of the inframammary crease (the natural crease below the breasts)
  • Correction of existing capsular contracture
  • Diminish the risk for potential complications that might have occurred after the original implant operation
  • Help breast revision or breast lift with augmentation results last longer by supporting the natural breast tissues

There is also increasing evidence that Strattice™ corrects and reduces the chance of developing capsular contracture, which is the leading complication of all breast implant surgery.

Ultimately, Dr. Law uses Strattice™ to help to enhance the results of your breast revision surgery while also decreasing the chance of potential complications and the need for additional procedures down the road.

What is Strattice™ Tissue Matrix?
Strattice™ is a type of acellular dermal matrix (ADM), more commonly known as a “mesh.” It’s made from porcine (pig) skin from which all the “living” cells have been removed, leaving behind a strong, flexible sheet of sterile connective tissue. When placed in the body, Strattice™ acts as a blank scaffolding for your own cells to populate. It becomes incorporated into your own tissues, and can safely remain there for life.

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Why might Strattice™ breast revision surgery be recommended for me?
Breast implants offer a long-lasting size increase for your breasts bringing your body into better proportions. Dr. Law uses Strattice™ to enhance the outcome of breast implants following breast surgery, decreasing the chance of further complications and more breast revision procedures in the future.

For many women, having enough support to your breasts to hold your breast implants up where you want them may be a big challenge, even with a mastopexy (breast lift). This is where for many patients the use of Strattice™ is a great option to help support their implants at the bottom and hold the implant up in the correct position. It can also help provide more tissue coverage in order to conceal the implant thus reducing the likelihood of visible folds and ripples.

During your consultation for breast surgery, Dr. Michael Law will evaluate your breasts and recommend the type of material to use and techniques to provide the best outcome. He is also a global leader in natural looking breast procedures and use of Acellular Dermal Matrix such as AlloDerm® and Strattice™ for breast augmentation, augmentation mastopexy and secondary breast augmentation revision surgery may be recommended specifically to improve the likelihood of success and longevity of your breast surgery.

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How does Dr. Law place Strattice™ during breast revision surgery?
Strattice™ comes in sheets, which Dr. Law trims down to the exact size and shape needed to fit seamlessly into your breast tissue and achieve the intended corrections in breast shape, support, or position. During your procedure, he will suture the Strattice™ pieces to the edges of your chest muscle or other soft tissues to create that “internal bra” for you before placing your new implants.

Once your breasts have healed after surgery, Strattice™ is undetectable to sight or touch. After several months, your own cells will have “moved in” to the mesh and it will feel just like your own breast tissue.

Dr. Law has almost 20 years of experience in breast augmentation and complex breast revision surgery. He is considered an expert in helping patients correct poor breast augmentation results and achieve the beautiful, natural breast contour they envision. If you’d like to improve your breast augmentation, please contact us to set up a personal consultation with Dr. Law at The Plastic Surgery Center.

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