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Chin Liposuction Improve Your Profile

There are a few reasons patients come in for chin liposuction. For some, it’s that they have what they describe as a double chin, a stubborn fat pocket under the chin that persists despite diet and exercise. For others seeling liposuction of the chin, they are hoping to achieve a more defined jawline in photographs and come in showing me inspiration photos of sculpted jawlines on social media selfies. For both groups of patients, chin liposuction can be a great way to achieve the look they’re hoping for. Good candidates tend to be younger people with good skin tone which will retract after liposuction. I often combine chin liposuction with microliposuction of the jowls or lower face to give a more youthful tapered appearance to the face. This procedure is very fast, with relatively minimal downtime. Chin liposuction can make people look thinner all over and give their profile a refined and beautiful look. I’ve had several patients tell me that friends and coworkers saw them soon after surgery and immediately asked if they’d lost weight. With the growing importance of social media and conducting business via video conference, my patients who have had chin liposuction feel more comfortable and confident in photos and video.

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