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At Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners, we are very transparent with pricing. We can share pricing over the phone. That pricing will be the price per applicator. There are multiple applicators, so an in-person assessment would be required to know exactly what is right for you based on your unique anatomy and goals

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The lowest price without a great result is not a great value. The Coolsculpting pricing at Blue Water Plastic Surgery is very reasonable. Why can we charge less for CoolSculpting than other practices?

Because Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners has been providing CoolSculpting since the technology was new. Our systems have been updated, but they are paid for. We own our building and all six of our certified CoolSculpting providers were trained years ago. Being a Top CoolSculpting provider means we receive rebates and lower pricing on supplies and accessories than other providers.

Our clients don’t just receive great pricing. Most importantly, they achieve amazing results. We are proud to share many, many CoolSculpting before and after photos and testimonial videos from happy patients. We don’t want you to take our word for it. Instead, see the results for yourself.

During a consultation you will receive an assessment from one of our experienced and certified CoolSculpting Providers. They will listen to your goals and let you know a very clear price for CoolSculpting per session. Some people may require a single session, and others may require two or more sessions for their ideal result. The pricing is clear, transparent and there is no pressure to schedule an appointment.

Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners offers a full spectrum of fat reducing procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. We carefully evaluate all technology for safety, comfort, efficacy and consistent results. We only offer technology that can offer consistent and reproducible results. Since 2014, Blue Water Spa has performed more than 17,000 Coolsculpting treatments. We look forward to helping you to achieve your goals and to enjoy the results of Coolsculpting at Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners.

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