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Liposuction in the “Lady Parts” FUPA or Mons Pubis

What is a FUPA?

FUPA is fullness in the Upper Pelvic Area, sometimes referred to as the Mons Pubis, or simply the mons. Some women refer to this as vaginal fat, but it is in reality fat above the pelvic bone and not fat in the vagina.

What causes a FUPA?

Some women have unwanted fat in the area inside their under underwear Fullness in the Upper Pelvic Area, sometimes referred to as FUPA. The fat that accumulates just above the pelvic bone can be difficult if not impossible to eliminate through diet and exercise. It can make women feel embarrassed and make clothes feel and look uncomfortable. Fat in this area can be caused by genetics or hormones, and can often appear following childbirth, although women of all ages may experiences unwanted and excessive fat in this area.

On occasion, women who have had a tummy tuck may have excess scar tissue and fat below the scar in the area above the pelvic area. When we perform abdominal liposuction or at Blue Water Plastic Surgery, we are mindful to create a smooth contour from the abdomen to pelvic area and to be sure any fat above the genital area is addressed.

How Can FUPA Be Eliminated?

Liposuction to reduce fullness in the upper pelvic area typically has a limited recovery with dramatic results. Women will sometimes have additional unwanted fat in the lower abdomen area or around their waistline. If so, this can be combined with Upper Pelvic Liposuction. Other times, women are concerned about the appearance Of a FUPA or fullness in the upper pelvic area in yoga pants, underwear and swimwear. The results make women feel much more confident about their appearance when being intimate, and also when working out.

What is a Consultation for FUPA Like?

We want to assure women that unwanted fat in the mons pubis area is a common concern and something we see regularly. Consultations in my practice are always very confidential. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable sharing their concerns in a private professional setting where we have experience . It is a privilege when patients confide in us about things they would like changed. It is an honor to help them achieve their goals and give them the confidence they deserve.

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