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Inner thigh liposuction

Inner thigh liposuction has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to the focus on the “thigh gap” Although some media attention showcases the thigh gap on women with very thin legs with large and unnatural looking gaps between them, most women seeking inner thigh liposuction have isolated areas of unwanted fat in their upper inner thigh. The change after liposuction creates an appearance that looks and feels more smooth, sleek, even and symmetrical. Liposculpture of the upper inner thighs is a contouring procedure that can make a tremendous difference in everyday clothing, swimwear, workout wear and yoga pants.

When unwanted fat is removed from the inner thighs, women feel more comfortable in swimwear, workout wear and dresses as their legs no longer rub together. Some women feel like they can even throw away their Spanx!

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