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Labiaplasty Before and After Photos

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Labiaplasty before and after images, like any before and after photos are an important and effective means for a plastic surgeon to communicate their aesthetic sensibility. They provide a prospective labiaplasty patient an immediate sense of what her plastic surgeon considers an ideal postoperative outcome. This will allow a woman to make a relatively quick decision about whether or not she wants to continue researching that plastic surgeon.

Blue Water Plastic Surgery has had some concerns about the easy access of labiaplasty before and after photographs online. Anyone can view these photos on a computer or a phone, whether or not they are actually in the process of considering labiaplasty surgery. We also feel like there is not a way that labia are “suppose” to look like. Therefore, we do not have a full gallery of labiaplasty before and after images on the website. Instead, Dr. Schmidt has many, many photos of women who have consented to allow her to share their photos, that she can share in the office. Dr. Schmidt has elected to add a single labiaplasty before and after image to the website. The patient is a medical professional who generously provided permission to use her photo. Labiaplasty was life-changing for her, and she wanted other women with similar concerns to get an idea about how transformational labiaplasty surgery with Dr. Alexandra Schmidt can be.

Labiaplasty before and after images can show a variety of outcomes

  • reduction of size of the inner labia (labia minora)
  • restoration of symmetry to inner labia (labia minora) that are asymmetrical prior to surgery
  • elimination of excess pigmentation hyperpigmention on the edges of labia minora tissue

What you will not see in before and after photos is the elimination of pain or discomfort that some women experience as a result of elongated labia minora. Nor will you see the increased confidence of women who have felt embarrased about their appearance when wearing form fitting clothing or swimwear.

Prospective labiaplasty patients have a number of considering when evaluating pre-op and postop labiaplasty images. We encourage labiaplasty patients to look at photos of many different procedures, as a way to evaluate the surgical skill of their surgeon. It is important to view high quality and consistent photos as this is a way to measure the precision and attention to detail of your surgeon.

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