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Labiaplasty Reviews

Labiaplasty review #1

“The best labiaplasty surgeon is Dr. Schmidt! I wanted a female plastic surgery to perform my labiaplasty. But I was not confident with the other surgeons I met with. Then, I met Dr. Schmidt! Labiapasty surgery with Dr. Alexandra Schmidt changed my life. My labia always made me feel insecure. I didn’t have pain, but I felt uncomfortable in a bikini, or working out, especially in yoga pants. After surgery, my life totally changed. I didn’t share my decision with others but everyone noticed. of course no one noticed that I had labiaplasty. But they noticed my confidence and that I suddenly wasn’t wearing giant tee shirts while I worked out to cover my crotch area. One week after surgery I was poolside looking and feeling great.”

Labiaplasty review #2

“New Labia, New Life! So, I had labiaplasty after my divorce. I never felt totally confident in the bedroom. Now that I’m entering a new chapter of my life, I’m doing it with a new and improved vagina and labia. I selected Dr. Schmidt because her photos are amazing. But also, her training is stellar. She made the whole process so comfortable from the first consultation. The surgery itself was comfortable and her medical team of nurses and nurse practitioners made me feel so at ease. It was evident that she performs this surgery frequently. The process was super comfortable, both physically and socially. The surgery was maybe an hour. I was numb and had some “happy pills. I felt great. I was mildly sore, like a long bike ride for a couple of days. But that was it. 4 days later, I was at the pool in a teeny bikini. I didn’t get in the water, but I felt amazing. I work so hard in the gym. But there is no vagina gym. There is only Dr. Schmidt. See her. She will change your life. So, now, as a single woman, I am enjoying the confidence I feel with my beautiful and new vagina!”

Labiaplasty review #3

“I am a physician and for me, labiaplasty was not an essential surgery. I had no discomfort or limitations. I just wanted to look beautiful naked. Elongated vaginal lips and pigmentation that i found unattractive was something I wanted to change about myself. I researched for a long time and had several consultations before electing to go with Dr. Alexandra Schmidt. She truly is a labiaplasty expert. The surgery was quick and comfortable as was the recovery. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Schmidt and her medical team every step of the way. I have never felt more confident or beautiful. This is a surgery. It is a surgery that some may not take too seriously. But being safe, and being certain you have an expert surgeon is critical. Dr. Alexandra Schmidt is the doctor other physicians choose for their labiaplasty and other surgeries.”

Labiaplasty review #4

“I have been putting off labiaplasty for years. Once I saw a video of Dr. Schmidt, I felt like she was talking just to me. So, I made a call. her patient Coordinator, Erin, was so kind and made me feel so comfortable. When I met Dr. Schmidt in consultation, she put me at ease. Most of our appt. was talking while I was fully clothed. During the physician examination, I was draped in a sheet. That part of the appointment was very fast. She then explained the details of how she would perform the procedure. I could not wait. Surgery was quick and easy. They made me feel like royalty. the whole medical team is so professional and organized. It was very smooth. Dr. Schmidt called me at home that night to check on me. I saw her two days later. I was comfortable during the procedure and during recovery. My labia look beautiful and not like I’ve had any surgery performed. I feel so happy and confident in the bedroom, in a swimsuit, in jeans, in yoga pants. This very small change made a big impact on my life. ladies, if you are considering labiaplasty, do it! And see Dr. Alexandra Schmidt!”

Labiaplasty review #5

“I drove 4 hours to have Labiaplasty in Raleigh NC with Dr. Alexandra Schmidt and it was totally worth it. I originally sought out Dr. Schmidt for chin liposuction after seeing her beautiful results. She made me feel so comfortable that I asked her about labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. I’m now in my late 30s and I’ve been insecure about this problem for years. I chose Dr. Schmidt due to the positive reviews on this site and her prices were not outrageous. She has an amazing staff that are super sweet, professional and make you feel welcome. The staff at Blue Water Plastic Surgery and Dr. Alexandra Schmidt are so great I recommend them to anyone.”

Labiaplasty review #6

“Labiaplasty with Dr. Alexandra Schmidt was comfortable, fast, and the results are beautiful. She is an amazing and caring surgeon. I had consultations with three other surgeons and no one make me feel as confident as Dr. Schmidt did. The other doctors talked about their female staff which is great. I did want a female plastic surgeon for this procedure. That was just my preference. But I wanted a skilled surgeon. Dr. Schmidt clearly had expertise the other plastic surgeons did not have. Her training is amazing. She made the consultation process comfortable, but she also made me feel like I was with the best labiaplasty surgeon.

She explained the difference between the wedge surgery and the trim surgery. the wedge technique. She did the wedge surgery on me to preserve sensation and to prevent scarring. I have seen images of vaginas that look operated on and weird. Not mine! I look completely natural. I am so happy with the result of my labiaplasty surgery. I am getting a breast lift with Dr. Schmidt next!”

Labiaplasty review #7

“I have a designer vagina! It feels strange to say this. But that is how I feel! Of course this is not something I can show off to everyone. But, what everyone can see is my confidence. I am running, riding a bike, doing yoga and looking and feeling great in a bikini. I had not been participating in those activities before my labiaplasty with Dr. Schmidt! So, a bit about Dr. Schmidt: I watched some of her videos and I knew she was the right plastic surgeon for me. When I met her, I felt like I knew her already. She is so warm and genuine. She made the consultation process so easy and comfortable. I did notice her hands. her hands are long and elegant. She has the hands of a surgeon! The office is absolutely beautiful. It is pristine. Her patient coordinator is great and so are all of the nurses. The day of surgery was well organized and very easy. I left out a private back door and my sister had the car right outside. It was nice to have that level of privacy. I felt fine the day and night of surgery. the next day I did feel some swelling and discomfort, but it was manageable and by day 4 I felt much better and I was able to see a difference One week later I was ready for yoga pants even if I wasn’t ready for yoga! Two weeks later I was running and riding a bike. If you are thinking of a labiaplasty, your designer vagina can be your secret.”

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