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Plastic Surgery Pricing

When you are thinking about elective cosmetic surgery, one of your considerations may be the cost of the actual procedure.
Plastic surgery is different from other types of medical care that you may receive, as insurance does not cover these types of procedures. Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is not a contracted provider with any insurance company. Therefore, we do require payment in full prior to surgery. Our office accepts major credit cards, care credit, cash and checks.

What We Include In Our Plastic Surgery Pricing

When comparing surgical quotes, it is very important to know exactly what is included in the costs that are provided to you. Sometimes offices only include the surgeon’s fees in their quote, and other costs, such as anesthesia or operating room expenses, are not listed. Those are the hidden costs that could add to the overall cost of your procedure.

At Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, all of our quotes include the following items:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Operating Room Fee and staffing including:
    • Pre-operative Registered Nurse
    • Circulating Registered Nurse
    • Certified Surgical Technologist
    • Sterile Processing Technician
    • Post-operative Registered Nurse
  • Anesthesia: Provided by a Anesthesiologist (a board-certified physician) who remains at your bedside during the entire procedure.
  • Implants (if being used)
  • All routine pre-operative and post-operative care for a minimum of 1-year post op
  • Access to Physician extenders available outside the OR for calls or concerns
  • Intensive, long-term follow-up and scar treatment, including V-Beam laser treatments and/or Microneedling treatments to accelerate scar healing and topical scar treatment, as indicated.
  • A homeopathic preparation which reduces bruising and swelling.
  • Post-operative garment, if required.
  • Overnight stay in our facility with 2-1 RN nursing care, if required.

The only two items not covered by the quote you receive from our office are: any lab work that needs to be completed and any prescription medications.

Our Surgery Center Team

The staff of The Plastic Surgery Center consists of a Clinical Director (Registered Nurse), a preoperative and postoperative care specialist (Nurse Practitioner), circulating nurses (RNs who participate in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care of surgical patients), certified surgical technicians (CSTs), a certified sterile processing technician (CSPT) and overnight observation nurses (RNs). Each of our staff members was hand-picked by Dr. Law for their training, expertise and attention to detail.

An advantage Dr. Law has of holding surgical privileges and working at several surgery centers in the Triangle area over a twelve-year period is the opportunity to work with a large number of surgical professionals, some of whom we have hired as TPSC staff members. Our primary Certified Surgical Technician, for example, worked with Dr. Law on a weekly basis for over four years at North Carolina Specialty Hospital.

All staff members participate in regular training sessions and drills on all aspects of surgery center operations including emergency protocols. All staff maintain Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and all nursing staff maintain Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. Every staff member must meet and document the Continuing Education requirements for their particular degree or certification. And all participate in the continual evaluation and updating of our patient care Policies and Procedures.

We have assembled a team of warm and talented individuals who consider it their pleasure and privilege to provide the safest possible care for cosmetic surgery patients in this special environment. We have one operating room, so we provide surgical care one patient at a time. Our staff enjoys giving each patient the ‘celebrity treatment’ (including the ones that are), which includes their complete and undivided attention from the time each patient arrives to the time that they are discharged from The Plastic Surgery Center recovery area.

The Surgery Center Operating Theater

Dr. Law performs surgery in our Joint Commission and AAAASF accredited, state of the art free standing operating theater. The single story facility includes a private first floor entrance and a private waiting area for families to provide privacy for our discerning clientele. For inpatient procedures, we provide a complimentary overnight stay at the surgery center with medical observation to enhance patient comfort and to provide peace of mind to patients and their families.
All major surgical procedures performed at The Plastic Surgery Center are conducted under anesthesia provided by an experienced, board-certified MD anesthesiologist. Your anesthesia MD will evaluate you prior to surgery, accompany you to the O.R., remain with you throughout the entire surgical procedure, and will then accompany you to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (the PACU, aka the recovery room). Your anesthesia MD will remain on site until you have reached the point of recovery where continuous monitoring of vital signs is no longer required and you are close to being ready for discharge from The Plastic Surgery Center.

Joint Commission Accreditation is truly a remarkable accomplishment. The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a national organization that accredits hospitals and surgery centers. We are the only office based plastic surgery center in North Carolina that dually holds Joint Commission accreditation and AAAASF certification. At the heart of the accreditation process is the goal of creating and maintaining a culture of patient safety that is sustained at the highest level between accreditation surveys. Both accrediting organizations require ongoing evaluation of the environment of care. Compliance with accreditation standards must be continuously monitored. Credentials of all staff members and anesthesia providers must be verified and maintained. Regular updates and self-surveys are required during each three-year cycle.

Dr. Law only uses these exacting accreditation requirements as a starting point. He directs his operating team and anesthesiologist to exceed the standards without regard to cost in order to attain the highest level of safety and quality.

Anesthetic medicines are selected entirely on a basis of their superiority. Patients go to sleep gently and then wake up smoothly and quickly, with nausea almost totally unheard of—even in patients who had previously suffered from anesthetic-induced nausea. Dr. Law’s operating room even includes a device used to assure that patients are fully asleep at all times during an operation.

No detail is too small. Dr. Law insists on only using equipment, instruments, and sutures of the highest caliber.

Our extraordinary team of medical professionals hand-picked by Dr. Law will provide you with exceptional care before and after surgery. You will feel safe and cared for by our friendly well-trained nursing staff. Patients regularly comment that they feel as if they are there with them every step of the way.
Privacy is a significant consideration for our local, regional and international patients. We are accustomed to seeing many high profile patients before and after surgery. Our private entrances and waiting area create an environment where discerning patients may avoid public entrances, lobbies, elevators and parking areas.

What Do Procedures Typically Cost?

Plastic surgeons will have different prices based on their education and training as well as the results they are able to provide for their patients. Additionally, some low-price plastic surgeons may cut a lot of corners when it comes to the surgical environment and the surgical staff. This is not a wise way to save money. For the safest and most pleasant plastic surgery experience research your plastic surgeon carefully and be confident with his education, training results, and philosophy. Additionally you will want to ensure that the facility is accredited, fully equipped with state of the arch technology and is meticulously clean. At Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, your safety comfort and results are our highest priority.

That being said, the cost of your procedure will depend on many factors, including what Dr. Law recommends for you during your consultation and the length of those procedures. Because of the personalized nature of each surgery performed, we wait to provide the cost for procedures until after you have met with Dr. Law and discussed your goals and desired outcome. No two procedures are the same, therefore we do not offer ‘cookie cutter’ pricing. Each surgery is customized for each patient and the cost is based on the actual OR time needed to complete your procedure. Not all tummy tucks, facelifts, gynecomastia surgeries, etc. are all the same. After your consultation with Dr. Law you will meet with Amaris, Dr. Law’s Patient Coordinator, and she will then provide you with a quote for your specific surgical plan. The demand for our services and the uncompromising nature of our practice are reflected in our prices.

Do You Offer Financing?

The simple answer is no. The reason we do not offer financing at Dr. Laws office is that we have not yet found a plastic surgery financing company that our accountant feels is a better option for our patients than a bank loan or a credit card. A recent article in the New York Times about plastic surgery financing, reported that many of the Doctors they asked about the plastic surgery financing programs, would not use these programs themselves nor would they recommend them to their family. We feel the same way. We want to treat our patients the same way we would treat our own family. We also do not want to use plastic surgery financing as a way to pressure prospective patients in to having surgery. Our philosophy is that plastic surgery should take careful research and consideration and people should not decide to make a permanent change to their face or body as a “knee jerk reaction” because they are caught up in the moment. Plastic surgery financing might be convenient but many people report regrets about using these programs due to high interest rates and very long terms.

During your initial phone consultation with one of our Patient Coordinator’s, they can discuss your goals and give you average price ranges for the procedures that are of interest to you. Please contact our office (link to contact page) to speak with one of our Patient Coordinator’s for additional information on pricing.

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