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Chin/Neck (Submandibular) Liposuction

Patients often come in to discuss chin liposuction after seeing themselves in photographs and discovering a double chin. Many people have a stubborn fat pocket under the chin that persists despite diet, exercise, and weight loss. For some, the allure of the contoured jawline they’ve seen on social media is what brings them in. In today’s selfie culture, the jawline is constantly in the spotlight. Liposuction is a simple procedure with minimal downtime that creates a more defined neck and jawline.

What can I expect from chin liposuction?

Liposuction removes excess fatty tissue under chin and improves the contour of the neck and jawline. Liposuction below the chin is often combined with micro-liposuction of the jowls or lower face. As we age, fat from the upper face descends and causes jowling and widening of the lower face. Microliposuction of these areas is rejuvenating and makes the face and jawline appear more tapered and youthful. Chin liposuction is accomplished through very small access incisions under the chin and behind the ears with a long cannula to remove the fat. When the incisions heal, they are hidden and barely visible.

Why should I choose liposuction over nonsurgical treatments like Kybella or Coolsculpting?

Liposuction is more precise and targeted than non-invasive treatments like Kybella or Coolsculpting and typically delivers superior aesthetic results. Liposuction is a single treatment whereas available noninvasive methods require repeated treatment and can cause formation of bulky scar tissue or increased fat growth (paroxysmal adipose hypertrophy).

Who is a good candidate for chin liposuction?

Good candidates are younger patients with good skin tone. If the skin still contains adequate elastin and collagen, it retracts well after liposuction and appears smooth. For patients with pre-existing skin laxity, the appearance of loose neck skin can be exacerbated by liposuction. Occasionally, patients who come in seeking submandibular liposuction truly need a neck lift to achieve the desired results.

Do I need to be put to sleep?

Submandibular liposuction is a fast procedure that can be done with mild IV sedation or even local anesthetic. Some patients, however, anticipate feeling anxious on the day of surgery and choose to have deeper sedation administered by an MD anesthesiologist.

What is recovery like after chin liposuction?

Chin liposuction does not have a significant recovery. Patients feel sore after surgery but do not have significant pain and most patients just take Tylenol in the first few days. After surgery, we place a compression wrap that patients wear continuously for up to 1 week then at night for the following week. Swelling varies but most people have a noticeable improvement in contour after 1-2 weeks. It takes several months for swelling to completely subside. For the first two weeks we ask patients to avoid vigorous exercise in order to prevent bleeding but then patients can gradually increase to their normal activity level.

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