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Facelift/Neck Lift – Rhytidectomy/Platysmaplasty

As we age, facial skin and fat begin to descend and the tapered cone shape of youth looks more like an egg, wider on the bottom. Patients complain of jowling and heaviness of the neck underneath the chin. The goal of a lower face and neck lift is to reposition the tissues upward where they belong and remove excess skin. This creates a smooth neck and jawline contour and tightens the skin. Fat grafting is often used in combination with a lower face and neck lift to improve areas of hollowing such as the temples, upper cheeks, and nasolabial folds.

A lower face and neck lift is accomplished through incisions that are hidden in the contours of the ears and under the chin. These incisions are barely visible after they heal. Many patients have difficulty finding their own incisions months after a facelift procedure.

A mini- or short-scar-facelift creates a shorter incision behind the ear, however, results are often less dramatic and do not have the longevity of a traditional facelift. Good candidates for this procedure have minimal skin laxity and small jowls.

Recovery after face and neck lift is relatively easy. Patients have very little discomfort and return to most of their usual household activities just days after surgery. Sutures are removed in the clinic at one week and any bruising can be covered with makeup afterwards. Social downtime varies and depends on whether fat grafting or eyelid surgery were performed in conjunction with face/neck lift.


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