Breast Implants – Selecting the Right Size

One of the most common myths about breast implants is that after surgery, women regret not going larger. I have not found that to be accurate. In fact, when I see women in consultation who are interested in a revision procedure to change the size of their implants, it is almost always because they feel their implants are too large, not because they are too small.

One goal of plastic surgery is to make a persons life easier, for instance to give women more fashion options. My patients want to feel confident in swimwear, workout wear and they’d like to ditch their padded bras. And they can, when moderately sized implants are used. When extra large implants are placed, it makes finding clothing that much more of a challenge.

Some women like the “look” of breast implants. They want an unnatural appearance. Those are not my patients, and this is the minority of women interested in breast augmentation surgery. Instead, my patients want breasts that look and feel natural, and breasts that move like natural breasts. My patients include other physicians, fitness professionals, and public figures who want to look their best and feel confident, but do want to look fake, not do they want implants not in proportion with their body.

In my opinion great plastic surgery is the plastic surgery you don’t see. It just makes a person look and feel their best. That is true for breast implants.

Dr. Alexandra Schmidt is a fellowship trained, board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Schmidt has been described as the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in North Carolina in many patient reviews. Dr. Schmidt performs aesthetic surgery of the face an body with a special emphasis on very natural looking results with a comfortable and rapid recovery. Patient safety and privacy are Dr. Schmidt’s highest priorities.