Important Plastic Surgery Questions to Ask Before It’s Too Late

We all know many ways to research your plastic surgeon, but I want to address a few questions people don’t often ask until it’s too late

1) I’ve just had surgery, how to I get out of the OR to my vehicle?
In some cases, post-op patients – exposed and vulnerable- are required to go through a public lobby or even an elevator to get out of the OR. Returning for post-op visits will also likely mean being exposed to others this way, and possibly might mean waiting for an appointment in a public waiting room. At Blue Water Plastic Surgery, parking for caretakers is just a few feet from the door of our post-operative recovery suite. We have private entrances and exits for patients coming to to and from their post-operative appointments where a nursing professional will meet you at your vehicle and escort you in and out.

2) What if I have a question, if I need medical attention, or maybe a prescription post-operatively and my surgeon is in the OR with another patient?
At Blue Water Plastic Surgery, a team of nurse practitioners is immediately available to answer questions, prescribe medications, and provide medical care at the instruction of myself or Dr. Law. Medical care is immediately available to all patients round the clock.

3) What I I have a concern or an issue comes up a few months after surgery?
At Blue Water Plastic Surgery, we schedule regular post-op and follow up visits with your surgeon for a full year after surgery. If you feel great and prefer not to come in, the appointments can be by phone or video. But, we are here. Any time there is a concern, we have physician extenders available to answer calls or to see you same day if you desire.

At Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners, we think of every detail. In addition to creating beautiful, natural results, and taking every measure available for a comfortable and rapid recovery, our medical team will treat you with dignity and respect. Our surgeons want each patient to have the experience they would want for themselves, their family and close friends. We think of things you wouldn’t think of. Caring for you is our job and our passion.

Dr. Alexandra Schmidt is a fellowship trained, board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Schmidt has been described as the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in North Carolina in many patient reviews. Dr. Schmidt performs aesthetic surgery of the face an body with a special emphasis on very natural looking results with a comfortable and rapid recovery. Patient safety and privacy are Dr. Schmidt’s highest priorities.