Scarless Breast Lift

Women are sometimes afraid of breast lifts due to the scar. To avoid scars, women consider lasers or skin tightening devices that simply don’t work for this indication. Another ill-conceived idea is getting extra large implants to “fill the pocket” This is a bad idea. It doesn’t work and it creates a new set of problems for women.

My breast lift patients are thrilled with the results of a breast lift. At Blue Water Plastic Surgery, we offer complimentary V-beam laser treatments to accelerate scar healing for all patients. This, and updated techniques can significantly reduce healing time. I encourage women considering a breast lift to look at many photos, and even to speak with patients who have had this procedure performed. I can show you the stages of healing, and also connect you with previous patients who can privately share their experiences with you. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a life-changing procedure. Nothing lifts the breasts other than breast lift surgery.

The attached photo was taken two months after surgery, and the scars will continue to fade over the next few weeks and months.

Dr. Alexandra Schmidt is a fellowship trained, board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Schmidt has been described as the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in North Carolina in many patient reviews. Dr. Schmidt performs aesthetic surgery of the face an body with a special emphasis on very natural looking results with a comfortable and rapid recovery. Patient safety and privacy are Dr. Schmidt’s highest priorities.